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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lost in admiration

At a fair, most collectors will come and go from a dealer in a matter of minutes. “Any new churches today, Brian?” “Don’t think so, but you’re welcome to have a look."

They know what they want. And a dealer's cards will be ordered by popular collecting categories to make searching easy. It might be a certain place or artist that a collector is after, or pictures of a famous Edwardian actor or politician.

I'll typically stay hunched over one or two stalls the entire time, until my eyes tire.

A good message could be in any box.

While staying in one position can be exhausting, the advantage is you get to eavesdrop on passing trade...

Dealer 1 (holding his friend’s card): I’ve never seen such a good gypsy card. I mean the expressions on their faces…

Dealer 2: I found another one as well which was pretty amazing. And that was £80. How many times have I ever had great photos of gypsies like that in the last 40 years?

Dealer 1: Who does get them?

Dealer 2: Jeremy, not very often.

Dealer 1: Who does get them? They’re just not there. No, no.

Dealer 2: I won’t see another card like that for 20 years. And I won’t be around in another 20 years. I only got them because I would pay whatever people ask for them which means you’re not making money. That’s the problem….

Dealer 1: A card like that will always appreciate in value…. I am lost in admiration for that one.


  1. What fun! Hope you found a few treasures. Happy PFF!

  2. I hope we also have a similar event here in the Philippines.

  3. Most dealers also have a marker card, so you can remove a manageable group of cards from a box and flip through them. I often see people standing, with a handful of cards against their chest in one hand, flipping with the other. Oh yes, and turning them over to look at the message side. Great fun!

  4. Oh how fun it is! I wish we have postcard fairs like that. I would've enjoyed eavesdropping as much as browsing postcards. Do you have this regularly in your place?

    Postcards Crossing

  5. oh yes, it would be fun to attend a fair such as this, at least once.

    I have a contest this week. Please visit and leave a comment to enter.

  6. Hello,

    What a nice way to introduce this card. I felt like I was there too.

    Thanks to the PFF meme, I'm travelling the world and it's fine.

    Hope you'll come by mine too and travel to France for the occasion.


  7. that's really nice, I hope we can have fair like that here too.

    like you in facebook by the way.