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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Who were you with...?

Why someone chooses a specific card is always worth a ponder.

Sometimes the card sent must simply have been the nearest thing to hand, but often it is essential to the message.

Take today's card from Doris to the wonderfully named Miss Kitty Carr (who surely went on to become a movie star?)

Holding the card, you can't help but turn it over and over - to find clues linking the gates with the message.

And as a result, questions come quickly to mind - who had Kitty been with? And what was so funny about what happened? Was it a date best forgotten? Or something to do with an embarrassing relative?

Who knows. But worth a daydream.


  1. That's what's so neat about the postcard - everyone who touches it gets a shot at what it says for a message!

  2. The question refers to the name of the rich man who owned the property.

  3. Wonderful! Who was she with?!!!!!!! Happy PFF!

  4. Love thinking about what "with" really means!

  5. I'm intrigued by the address too! Does she work at the Post Office or a secret PO box?

  6. What a great and mysterious card! I love messages like this. So intriguing!