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Sunday, 25 April 2010


Collecting postcard messages is no easy pursuit. For one thing, your eyes boggle after an hour or so of going through trays at postcard fairs.

To cope, there are a few rules you can follow to make the sifting easier.

For me, Rule #1 is any card worth buying must be stamped and have a postmark. This way at least you know that the card was sent. OK you can't be sure that it was read by the addressee. But it gives weight to the idea that the message was part of a real dialogue.

Not only does this week's card have a stamp and a postmark - it also has some smudged ink, bringing to life even more the physical act of putting pen to card.


  1. I'd love it, too ... especially if I can read the message! Happy PFF!

  2. Must have been some good ointment to request from Cambridgeshire. Nice tram scene.

  3. That is a great scene of Doncaster. the uneven amount of ink, and the blot, also suggests to me that the writer WAS having problmes with her eyes.