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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The price is part of the card

When I first started collecting, I used to rub out the prices dealers wrote on cards. I don't any more.

I guess I had wanted to restore the cards to how they'd originally looked.

Now, the price mark is part of what I'm buying. It signifies the card's present - that it has a value today. And also that it has passed through many hands since it was first sent.


  1. Dealers who write the price on expensive cards should be lined up and shot! I've even seen the price written in biro or coloured crayon. Makes life a bit difficult if you buy stock to sell!

  2. I don't especially like prices on my postcards, but it is too much trouble to remove them. I do remove them with Photoshop when I post the back of the card on the web. I have many cards with inaccurate prices due to auctions, sales, and discounts.