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Friday, 4 June 2010

Postcard poetry

W.H. Auden said that a poem is never finished, only abandoned. For our Edwardian postcarders, poems weren't abandoned... they were sent.

I've put a couple of cards up recently containing poetry. Like the card to Miss Cameron in the lead up to the 1906 general election. And then there was last week's card which formed something of a haiku:

Noon. Please. Will meet you.
Love as ever, A. E. S..
Miss Case, New Parade.

While it may not be of Auden quality, this week's message to Robert is a cracking ditty - sensible advice for "when you court a love that's new".


  1. What an unusual postcard! I love it, and the script on the back side. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful postcards with us!

    Happy PFF!

  2. Note the double underline. A note from a woman to the man involved?

  3. I don't have any great messages on postcards. I should probably look at the backs more.

  4. So the lady with the umbrella is stalking the man and his new love, I'm guessing...fascinating! That message on the back could be the sender stalking the recipient.

  5. Most intriguing! I've never heard that proverb. I presume there is a whole series of proverb postcards out there somewhere.

  6. I assume that "hot" means difficult, rather than it's contemporary sense of "sexy". Very cool, in the modern sense. Thanks.

  7. Wow - that is the best reaction to a card yet! Brilliant comments everyone.

    A few thoughts:

    I hadn't noticed the number of double underlinings before. Is that a sign of aggression? I don't know.

    Postcardy - if you do find some messages, please send Postcardese a link!

    Liza - changing language is a theme of these messages isn't it? Worth a post in its own right.

    See you next week.

  8. Mazel Tov on Best Of The Web!! I'm feeling rather proud at having found you just a wee bit before Culture Critic cited you.

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  10. Postcard always good way to presents your words. That is enjoyable and better than any others way. Your postcard poetry idea is new look for me.

  11. Postcard reminds me my best childhood. In my childhood we use postcard and write poetry on them and share with our friends and cousins.

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